About Us

Welcome to VertaStone, where innovation meets craftsmanship in the world of concrete design. We are the pioneers behind the remarkable VertaStone™ One Day Wall System - a revolutionary product line that redefines the possibilities of concrete manipulation. At VertaStone, we take pride in offering a three-component series of admixtures and surface treatments that empower builders, architects, and designers to transform regular low slump concrete into stunning, form-free stackable structures that emulate the elegance of natural stonework.

Our Vision-

Our vision at VertaStone is to bridge the gap between functionality and artistry in the realm of construction. We believe that concrete, often seen as a mere utilitarian material, possesses untapped potential to be a canvas for creative expression. With our innovative VertaStone™ One Day Wall System, we envision a world where concrete structures blend seamlessly with their surroundings, carrying both the strength of construction and the beauty of art.

The VertaStone Advantage-

Our VertaStone™ One Day Wall System comprises three essential components - Wall Aid, Slow Set, and Easy Slick - each designed to synergistically enhance the concrete transformation process.

Your Journey with VertaStone-

Whether you're an architect with a grand vision, a builder seeking efficiency, or an artist looking to breathe life into concrete, VertaStone is your partner in turning imagination into reality. Join us in sculpting a world where concrete transcends its conventional boundaries and becomes an embodiment of artistry and durability.

Get in Touch-

If you're ready to embark on a journey that transforms concrete into art, we invite you to connect with us. Let's collaborate to reshape the world, one VertaStone masterpiece at a time.

VertaStone is a division of Specco Industries, Inc.