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Component C - Easy Finish

Component C - Easy Finish

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Easy Finish: Essential for Vertical Stone Artisans

Enhance Your Craft with Moisture Control and Superior Finishing

Product Overview: VERTASTONE EASY FINISH is a premium evaporation retardant and finishing aid. Designed to combat rapid drying conditions, it forms a lubricating gelled surface film, ensuring superior quality in concrete flatwork and decorative applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Finishing Time: Keeps the surface plastic longer, allowing for more precise and extended finishing.
  • Prevents Cracking: Virtually eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking, spider cracking, and wind crusting.
  • Improved Surface Quality: Ensures uniform surface appearance and reduces labor costs with easier finishing.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for air-entrained and non-air-entrained concrete, stamped decorative concrete, and more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Composition: Medium viscosity proprietary hygroscopic gellant solution, chloride-free.
  • Properties: Weight: 8.38 ± 0.15 lbs/gallon; pH: 8.00 ± 0.50; Color: Light blue clear solution.

Application Guidelines:

  • Dilution: Mix 1 part EASY FINISH with 9 parts potable water.
  • Coverage: Approximately 200-300 square feet per gallon.
  • Application: Apply immediately after screeding with an industrial sprayer. Reapply as needed during the finishing process.

Safety and Handling:

  • Precautions: Use protective gear and avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Storage: Store between 40°F to 90°F, and avoid freezing. Shelf life is 1 year.

Elevate your vertical decorative concrete projects with Easy Finish, ensuring exceptional results in any climate. For more detailed information, refer to the product data sheet.

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  • Exclusive.

    Component C - Easy Slick is a game-changer in the world of wall construction, exclusively available at Specco. Seamlessly integrating with the Vertastone System, this product streamlines your finishing process, allowing you to achieve flawless and polished walls with minimal effort.

  • Experience.

    Enjoy the ease of wall finishing with Component C - Easy Slick, a must-have product for any wall installation project. Unlock the full potential of the Vertastone System with this exceptional component, thoughtfully engineered by Specco to deliver superior performance and aesthetics.