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Component C - Easy Slick

Component C - Easy Slick

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Enhance your wall finishing process with Component C - Easy Slick, a cutting-edge product from Specco designed to complement the Vertastone System. Say goodbye to time-consuming finishing tasks as this innovative component offers a smooth and effortless solution for achieving professional-grade results.
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  • Exclusive.

    Component C - Easy Slick is a game-changer in the world of wall construction, exclusively available at Specco. Seamlessly integrating with the Vertastone System, this product streamlines your finishing process, allowing you to achieve flawless and polished walls with minimal effort.

  • Experience.

    Enjoy the ease of wall finishing with Component C - Easy Slick, a must-have product for any wall installation project. Unlock the full potential of the Vertastone System with this exceptional component, thoughtfully engineered by Specco to deliver superior performance and aesthetics.




  1. Flexible Finishing Time: Easy Slick offers prolonged tooling time for surface finishing, ensuring your project's perfection. Experience hassle-free stamping and finishing, giving your walls a professional and polished look.
  2. Enhanced Surface Textures: With Easy Slick, achieve exquisite textured surfaces, perfect for final stamping and detailing. The delayed hydration at the surface allows for impressive textures and patterns that elevate your wall's aesthetic charm.


  • Mixing Amount: Dilute at 1 to 9 with potable water for application.
  • Application: Topically apply to the carved concrete surface using a low-pressure trigger sprayer to extend tooling time and facilitate delayed hydration at the surface for final stamping and texturizing needs.