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Vertastone™ Complete System

Vertastone™ Complete System

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Introducing Specco's Vertastone™ Complete One Day Wall System: Unlocking Concrete Artistry in Every Yard- curated for 5 yards.

Unleash your creativity with the remarkable Vertastone™ One Day Wall System 5 Yard Package – an ensemble meticulously engineered to transform regular low slump concrete into extraordinary stackable artistry. This comprehensive offering includes precisely measured quantities of the transformative components A, B, and C, each designed to bring your concrete visions to life.

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  • Component A- "Wall Aid"

    Empower Your Creations with Strength and Efficiency Incorporating 5 gallons of Component A, "Wall Aid," this package revolutionizes your concrete's foundation. A mid-range plasticizing admixture, Component A facilitates higher early strength formation while remarkably reducing water demand by 15-20%. Imagine the possibilities of erecting freestanding walls without the need for additional formwork or support structures, leading to unparalleled labor savings and cost efficiency.

  • Component B- "Slow Set"

    Elevate Your Vision with Artistic Precision Enhance your concrete's potential with 5 gallons of "Slow Set," Component B. This viscosity modifying, set retarding admixture bestows texture and depth to your mixture. Concrete stacking becomes a breeze as the mix gains thickness without form support. In addition, the extended final set times empower you to carve and shape the surface with meticulous detail, giving life to your artistic aspirations.

  • Component C- "Easy Slick"

    Achieve the Perfect Finish with Finesse
    The 1 gallon of Component C, "Easy Slick," offers the final touch to your concrete masterpiece. Applied topically, this surface finishing treatment extends tooling time and introduces delayed surface hydration. This unique feature empowers you to achieve the final stamping and texturizing with exquisite precision, resulting in a surface that captures your artistic essence.



What are the main components of the Vertastone™ system?

The Vertastone™ system consists of three components: Component A ("Wall Aid"), Component B ("Slow Set"), and Component C ("Easy Slick"). Each component has distinct properties that enhance the performance and creative potential of your concrete projects.

How does Component A ("Wall Aid") work?

Component A is a modified mid-range plasticizing admixture that improves early strength formation while reducing water demand by approximately 15-20%. It allows the construction of freestanding walls without additional formwork or support structures, resulting in cost and labor savings.

What is the role of Component B ("Slow Set")?

Component B enhances viscosity and retards the setting of the mix, allowing for concrete stacking without form support. It also extends final set times, providing ample time for carving and shaping the surface to achieve intricate designs.

How does Component C ("Easy Slick") contribute to the system?

Component C is a surface finishing treatment applied topically. It extends tooling time and encourages delayed hydration at the surface, allowing for final stamping and texturizing. This feature provides additional flexibility in achieving desired surface aesthetics.

Can I create freestanding walls using Vertastone™ without additional support?

Yes, the Vertastone™ system allows the placement of freestanding walls without the need for traditional formwork or support structures. This innovative feature leads to labor and cost savings in wall construction.

Can I achieve realistic stone-like textures and appearances with Vertastone™?

Absolutely! Vertastone™ is designed to be carved, stamped, or formed to replicate the beauty of natural stone formations. This opens up a realm of creative possibilities for achieving stunning and authentic-looking surfaces.




  • Form-Free Marvels: Construct free-standing walls without the constraints of conventional formwork or support structures, witnessing remarkable labor and cost savings.
  • Natural Aesthetics: Carve, stamp, and stain your walls to emulate the elegance of natural stone formations, all while harnessing the versatility of concrete.
  • Structural Superiority: Vertastone™ walls stand as robust, monolithic structures, defying movement or blowout risks that individual units or stones may face.
  • Customization Beyond Imagination: Vertastone™ embraces its environment, enabling personalized colorization to harmonize with the surroundings.


Technical Excellence:

  • Precise Specifications: Components A, B, and C arrive in meticulously measured quantities and distinctive colors for seamless application.
  • ASTM Compliance: Components A and B adhere to ASTM C-494 guidelines, dosed optimally at 16 oz. per 100 lbs. of cement.